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GA144 - NFC application

Another interesting video from Daniel Kalny about a near-filed-communication application with the GA144.
The presentation was originally made on the ForthDay2015, the video was published in November 2015.

The explanation is very detailed, like the one of 2014, very well done !

2015-Dec-30 20:00 – GA, WwwFinds, Videos

GA144 - PID controller application

I found an interesting video from Daniel Kalny about a motor control application with the GA144.
The presentation was originally made on the ForthDay2014, the video was published in September 2015.

The explanation is very detailed , at the end there is a practical example.

PS: Our house renovating took the free time over the last half year, therefore no activities in the ForthSeen project. But we are nearly finished ...

2015-Nov-07 20:00 – GA, WwwFinds, Videos

GA144 Practical Example .. working !!

I found a practical example in the ArrayForth User's Manual
You'll find it in Chapter 9. Practical Example - a pwm control of the output.
The root cause why the first try, see below, didn't work was that I didn't switch to hex before I entered the numbers.

Here the video:
GreenArrays GA144 Practical Example 9 DB004

The changes I made to the 842 section :

With commands like "1000 seed" or " 4000 seed" I can change the brightness of the green LED. My notes:

3 kOhm resistor from GA144 to GND
to gate of BS138 mosfet transistor, source on GND
green led, 330 Ohm resistor in drain
led on 3.3V from usb adapter

Function test commands:
hostload panel talk 0 600 hook upd
on: 30000 io r!
off: 0 io r!

Edit block 842:
replace 20000 with 30000, use hex F1 !
replace 10000 with 0
exit editor, compile, save
check with '842 list'

connect usb, 1.8V power on , reset, start colorforth/okad
844 load, run
change frequency with eg. 'F1' (hex) and '2000 seed'

Slow falling edge on gate, reduce 3k pulldown resistor?
Example shows constant pulse width and variation in frequency.

Next pulse-width-variation as first own program?

2014-Aug-25 16:00 – GA, Breadboard, ColorForth, Videos

GA144 First Contact Video

GreenArrays Hello World on
Here as a link, embedded makes the Blog too slow .. See you :)

2014-Jun-29 20:50 – GA, Breadboard, ColorForth, Videos

GA144f18a Project Links

Links - most useful first:



Schmartboard GA144

Video Chuck Moore 2013 - Programming a 144-computer Chip to Minimize Power

2014-Jun-24 23:00 – GA, WwwFinds, Videos